FIFTH, we went on and what did we see, but a donkey was standing right in our way!


I have worked both in the UK and Europe facilitating workshops for a range of abilities, from primary schools to universities and conservatoire drama schools to CPD opportunities for professional artists. I am also an associate director of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

I offer a range of workshops, all taught in the style of the Lecoq school. These include...

  • Neutral mask.
  • Technical mime and movement analysis.
  • Approaches towards structuring devised performance: Rhythm, space and la gamme. 
  • Silent play.
  • Elements, materials and colours.
  • Animal studies.
  • Expressive mask.
  • Gestural language.
  • Half mask and the comedia dell'arte.
  • Greek chorus.
  • Bouffon.
  • Clown.
  • Slapstick.

If you would like a quote or to make a booking or enquirey, please contact me here.