Primary Schools

I offer a range of workshops and plays in a day targeted at both KS1 and KS2.

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Myths and legends

Take your class on an exploration of the murky, dangerous world of myths and legends, when Kings, monsters and magic mix together. Explore the myths of Ancient Rome, The Anglo Saxons or the Incas in a fabulous play in a day!

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The Stone age

Any idea what life would have been like in the Stone Age? It’s nothing like life today! Learn about the cave men and women who made tools and weapons (lots of them) out of stone, and then bronze, and then even iron. They built enormous stone circles with their bare hands.... sounds like an interesting bunch!

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Choose one of the classics! A Midsummer Nights Dream, Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet or Twelfth Night and through play and the ensemble your class will make a play in a day!

A Play in a Day usually costs £300 per day. Book from 2 – 20 play in one day and receive discounts, meaning your play in one day workshops could cost as little as £150 per day.

How does this work?

What I need to know from you:

  • Which dedicated staff member in your school will take responsibility for the booking.

  • How many classes you want to cover from Year 1 – Year 6. (Most schools choose to cover one year group per half term but this is up to you.)

  • Which topic each year group wants to cover and when.

What I do:

  • Take responsibility for your booking.

  • Liaise with you on dates of delivery and timetables for each workshop.

  • Keep you updated on creative planning.

  • Provide you with a fantastic workshop of your choice on the required day.

  • Give you a great discounted price for the block booking.

The children have asked me to say a GIANT thank you for all you have done today and yesterday. They have really enjoyed themselves and the activities you engaged them in. Archers in particular think you are brilliant and wanted to thank you for teaching them how to use their voices and bodies on stage. They also ask if you can come back!
— Kym Rouse, Kingsway Junior School, Watford
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