THIRD, as we went along, we saw a man no bigger than a jug standing in the road. 'Who are you?' we asked. 'I'm the shortest man in the world,' he said.



Paradise Heights rose from the ruins of the Mayfair district at Boom Town. This newly redesigned ‘complex’ replaced one of our most long standing and popular theatrical and immersive districts and was a collaboration with The Dank Parish.

With a tagline of ‘Feel better about yourself, become someone else’ this is a fictional playground for the rich and famous, showcasing a brand new huge multi complex filled with leisure and relaxation facilities that have become the jewel in the crown of the Bang Hai Real Estate redevelopment programme with the fully interactive set being brought to life by over 250 walkabout and balcony characters.

Creative Team:

  • Area developed by The Dank Parish

  • Director of Second Level Animation: Kristoffer Huball for The Dank Parish                                                                                     

  • Creative Producer: Becky Brown for The Dank Parish                           

  • Heads of Design: Boom Town Fair

    Project supported by Arts Council England.


The Complete Compendium of Human Culture is an alien interactive exhibition based on the Boubikiki research project, charting the very best of human activity. Placing humankind in a test tube and dangling it over a bunsen burner this show is a massively interactive, explosively extravagant exhibition demonstrating how good the human race really can be.

‘See the very best of human culture displayed before your very eyes! Witness the rituals and oddities of jazz music, birthday parties, cannibalism and the nativity!

Last year the Boubikiki crash-landed at Green Man with a mission to teach the human race how to be better. A year later and they have discovered the true beauty of humanity, that love really is the answer, and that you can disagree with someone without having to incinerate them. And so, the Boubikiki have spent the last year learning more about humanity, studying their ways, researching their rituals and compiling the most complete extra-terrestrial evaluation of humankind in the history of the universe. 

Gasp at the uglier side of human culture, as we present freaks and specimens from all walks of life, including that most loathed and abominable creature of all, Peppa Pig!

 Yes, unbelievable artefacts, ridiculous rituals, and stupefying specimens from across this busy blue sphere will all be unveiled at the Complete Compendium of Human Culture! Reserve your space at this one-of-a-kind interplanetary exhibition now!’

Creative Team:

  • Creative Directors/Writers: Kristoffer Huball and Nigel Munson                                                                                                       

  • Snotfleet: Nigel Munson, Flakapak: Kristoffer Huball, Toy Boy: George Mills, The Timekeeper: Jake Hassam-Smith

  • Technician: Laura Overton-Harvey

  • Pyro-technician: Olivia Stephenson

  • Producer: Zoe Munn

  • Music: Nigel Munson

  • Heads of Design: Ruby Soho

  • Costume: Helen Ognjenovic-Morgan


    Project funded by Arts Council Wales and The Green Man Trust.


IMG_0512 2.jpg

As has become tradition at Latitude on Thursday an opening procession started walking through the fields of Henham Park, but this was no normal procession, as it was led by Tundra –  a gigantic, ancient earth beast! The procession was fronted by The Elders of planet Earth, walking in search of Tundra’s sister, The Cold, who has gone missing and raising awareness of climate change, extinction and the importance of unity at a time when the world needs it most.

Creative Team:

  • Creative Director: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                       

  • Producer: Kristoffer Huball  

  • Project partners: Latitude Festival, New Vic Theatre, Newbury Corn Exchange, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.                         

  • Heads of Design: Olivia Stephenson and Jess Kay

  • Design support: Martin West, Hannah Greene, Francisco Galliano Abad and Alan Dicker

  • Costume: Ita Drew

  • Music: Joji Hirota                                                                                                             

    Project supported by Latitude Festival, The Laura Ashley Foundation and Arts Council England.



The Last Post was the research and development phase of a project that I’m developing with The Riverfront Theatre in Newport, as part of a larger intergenerational clowning and literacy project. We previewed our initial work at The Big Splash Festival 2019.

Creative Team:

  • Director/writer: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                       

  • Producer: Kristoffer Huball and The Riverfront Theatre, Newport     

  • Performers: Laura Tipper and George Harris

  • Designer: Jacob Lucy                                                       


The Carnival of The Animals was a Winter processional piece that brought around 2000 people into the high street in Bromsgrove to see over 800 lanterns processed through the town, including a community ensemble of 50 local carnival performers. This piece was created in collaborations with the amazing Shademakers UK, Bromsgrove District Council and the Artrix Arts Centre.

Creative Team:

  • Director/writer: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                       

  • Producer: Kristoffer Huball and Artrix Art Centre                                                             

  • Community Engagement: Ella Jude, Sarah Burnett, Olivia Stephenson

  • Costumes: Shademakers UK

  • Music: The Destroyers                                                                                                             

  • Samba: Someone at the Door Samba Band


Gravity Fields Festival is inspired by Grantham’s most famous son, Sir Isaac Newton, who was born and raised at nearby Woolsthorpe Manor and went to the King’s School here in Grantham.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s famous journey to the South Pacific on board HMS Endeavour with Lincolnshire botanist Sir Joseph Banks, this year’s theme was ‘Voyages of Discovery’. I worked with festival curator Rosemary Richards, one of Europes most celebrated carnival companies in Shademakers, a most of schools and community group and South Kesteven District Council to make this happen.

Produced by Rosa Productions


Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 17.49.46.png

This show was a unique opportunity to explore parts of Greenham Common that played a key role in the Cold War, through scenes presented by professional performers.  These special live events are timed to coincide with the public launch for the opening of Greenham Common Control Tower. Three 15-minute scenes with a Q & A with a local historian, brought the Cold War of the 1980s to life, and two venues either side of the Common are linked by a 30 minute walk across the beautiful Greenham Common, a Site of Scientific Interest, and filled with wildlife amongst the relics of military life.

Decontamination Suite Tour  

You have been contaminated. Follow the red arrows on the floor. Follow all instructions.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEAVE.  Our theatrical guided tour will unveil the fascinating secrets locked away in Greenham’s chemical decontamination suite, part of the USAF Cold War former Wing Headquarters Building.

Control Tower USAF Experience

It is 14 November 1983. The United States Air Force guide in the first of 96 Cruise missiles to land at RAF Greenham Common.  Join the air traffic control team in the cupola lookout at the top of Greenham Control Tower as they guide in the planes to land on what was once the longest runway in Europe.

Peace Camp Protests

“Which side are you on, Which side are you on”.  The protestors songs speak of the many different factions – the original protestors arriving from Wales, the new international visitors, the opposition of some locals to the peace camps, the military and Cold War situation across the globe…and the cruise missiles arriving at the Greenham base 


'Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep... except of course for... The Midnight Gang! That is when their adventures are just beginning.'

Premiering at the Brighton Open Air Theatre Festival on May 16th,and then going on a three month UK wide tour, The Midnight Gang tells the surprising, uplifting and, of course, hilarious story of five children on a hospital ward. At its heart it is a classic tale of children who form wonderful friendships and go in search of adventure.

When Tom gets hit by a cricket ball and wakes up on a ward in the huge, ancient pile that is Lord Funt Hospital, it looks like he has entered a very scary place indeed.

The first person he meets when he opens his eyes is a terrifying-looking porter and soon after he meets the mean-spirited matron; Tom's prospects were not looking good.

Until, that is, he meets - and better yet, joins -  the coolest gang there is: The Midnight Gang. The Midnight Gang are a group of young patients who wait until the rest of the hospital are asleep before they go on the hunt for adventures…

The fun, it would seem, has only just begun for Tom.

Creative team:

  • Director: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                       

  • Producer: Heartbreak Productions                                                              

Cast :

  • Sally/Dilly/Nelly: Meg Chaplin

  • George/Sir Quentin Strillers: Ben Darlington

  • Amber: Grace Hussey-Bird

  • Robin/Dr Luppers/Headmaster: Matt Cooper Porter/Matron: Howard Walker                                                                                               


The Pumpkin was a freelance engagement as a project manager at the Story Museum in Oxford where I was the creative and logistical lead on the museum’s outdoor offering for the UK’s festivals scene, The Storytelling Pumpkin. This was an immersive theatrical space that travelled schools and festivals around the UK during the Spring and Summer to events as diverse as The Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford to established festivals further afield like Common People and Bestival with a new to boosting and inspiring levels of literacy in young people.


On Sunday 17th December, Bromsgrove Town Centre played host to a spectacular lantern parade,The Festival of Light 2017.

This project was created in partnership with Artrix, NWedR and Bromsgrove District Council and attracted around one thousand people to Bromsgrove’s High Street to participate in a community celebration of togetherness, light and the Winter season.

Creative team:

  • Director/writer: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                       

  • Producer: Kristoffer Huball and Artrix Art Centre                                                           

  • Community Engagement: Tom Craig, Ella Jude, Sarah Burnett                                                         

  • Puppet: 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space (Martin West and Dave Young) and Beautiful Creatures   

  • Music: The Destroyers                                                                                                             

  • Samba: Someone at the Door Samba Band


image1 (2).JPG

The Intergalactic Caravan is a performance opportunity for the over 60's. 

Working together to transform an old caravan into a spaceship and directed by me, participants will perform, or support the making of, The Intergalactic Caravan, a 20 minute family friendly show, to be premiered at Boomtown, Festival, before heading out on tour again in 2018.

Alongside this they will also be trained in street clowning and perform as a walk about artist at the festival, interacting with the public in a performative capacity, providing full direction and training provided at the 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space in Newbury.

Creative team:

  • Director/writer: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                       

  • Producer: Kristoffer Huball                                                          

  • Designer : Albert Jones, May Klein                                                        

  • Set: Martin West, Colin Eales, Ed Collins


  • Sue Huxtable

  • Christene Crerar

  • Jane Parsons

  • John Bramhall

  • Helen Ward

  • Ian Walker


GREENHAM: 100 YEARS OF WAR AND PEACE was a piece of large scale, site specific theatre that took place on the ex-US cruise missile base on Greenham Common in September 2017. Working alongside director Sophie Austin, we saw audiences of around four to five thousand attend each night, watching a local community ensemble of around four hundred perform alongside a core cast of professionals.

Creative team:

  • Written by Beth Flintoff

  • Music by Nick Bicât

  • Performance Director Sophie Austin.                                                                                     

  • Assistant Director: Kristoffer Huball

  • Creative Director & Producer Rosa Productions

    A large cast of local performers, choir, musicians, artists and re-enactors with Paola Dionisotti and other professional performers


Murder on the Terrace is currently on a UK until September. Tour venues and tickets and can be found here.

The scene is set:  a respectable garden party to celebrate Lord Cava’s retirement and the handing over of his sparkling wine empire to his nephew, Charles. It is no secret that Charles intends to shut down the business and convert Lord Cava’s Manor (The Cavary) into a conference centre.

Unsurprisingly, Charles is later found dead, poisoned, clutching Hercule – Lord Cava’s beloved pet parrot. The garden party is thrown into disarray, the sardonic Inspector Back arrives to investigate and the twists and turns of a whodunit both puzzle and entertain alongside dangerous amounts of humour.

Incorporating clowning, farce, physical comedy, dance numbers and audience interaction, can you solve the mystery?

Running time 2.5 hours inclusive of a 20 minute interval

Suitable for 12+

Creative team:

  • Director: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                                 

  • Producer: Heartbreak productions


  • Lord Cava/Wibble: Ben Bruckshaw                                                                                               

  • Lady Cava/Mrs Hughes Design: Samantha Moorehouse

  • James/Sebastian: Ben Baeza

  • Inspector Back/Charles Cava: Matthew Cooper


The People's Tower was a collaboration with French artist Olivier Grossetête and his team to create a giant cardboard replica of Donnington Castle in Newbury's town centre on Sunday 29 May 2016. Assembled without cranes or machines, and with only human power and cardboard boxes galore, this incredible temporary castle was the focus of a dramatic and hugely enjoyable demolition the following day - accompanied by music from multi-award-winning progressive brass band Perhaps Contraption.

Olivier can only create these amazing structures with the help of the local communities that he works with. I was part of a team that engaged the local public in building this incredible structure in a series of fun workshops and helping with construction in Market Place on the Sunday for the dramatic rise and fall of the tower.



SKY was a piece of instillation theatre based in St.Nicholas's playground, Newbury. It was a story of conscientious objection during World War 2. Working with a community choir of 100 young people and a core ensemble of actors, we challenged the audience to unravel perceptions of what warfare means on a social, domestic and international level. Over the course of one hour the choir performed whilst we turned the playground into a war zone, using fire, pyrotechnics, artem and a 360-degree original soundscape incorporating foley design and verbatim text from local children. The piece culminated in a large flaming CND sign coming outof the sky and a flashmob protest against nuclear warfare. 

  • Director: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                                

  • Assistant Director: Scarlet Quittenton

  • Core cast- Tom May, Mike Huxtible, Max Whitby, Adam West                                                        

  • Ensemble and choir: St. Nicholas's Primary School

  • Producer: Kerrie Walker                                                                                                            

  • Sound Design: Graeme Leake and Holly Greader

  • Costume Designer: Charlotte Gilliam

  • Set Design: Charlotte Gilliam


Crossing Lines was a collaboration between 101 and the German large sale theatre company PAN.OPTIKUM. This project ran across ten partners in seven European countries and was funded by Creative Europe. In the UK our piece was set on the ex-US cruise missile base on New Greenham Common. Working with Tongue-Fu Slam Champion Solomon O.B we used promenade performance, rap, spoken word, contemporary and urban dance and large scale video mapping to engage an ensemble of hard to reach young people as they ended their performance on an abandoned fire plane. This is the first stage of the project, with members of the cast revisiting it again next year on tour in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Germany, Romania , Russia and Poland.


Director: Sigrun Fritsch                                                                                                                       Assistant Director: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                       Choreographer: Heinrich Herman                                                                                                       Producer: Simon Chatteron


Solomon O.B, Paige MacKay, Marin Karakaya, Myles Swan, Bea Cathro-Wears, Ellen McCann 


The Church of the Sturdy Virgin offers the most mind-trippingly alternative services, from funerals to christenings, exorcisms to evening song, baptisms to blood bindings. The Church promises cabaret, chaos and calamitous inclusion for all those sturdy enough to stand in the presence of the Virgin. 

Come confess your sins under cover of our Cardboard Box Confessionals™. Have your demons exorcised, and preserved in a commemorative keyring. Learn how to protect yourselves at Sunday School from such abhorrent evils as sugar, nipples, and UV rays. Bask in the glory of the Sturdy Virgin, and dance till you have appeased the souls of the dead.  


Macbeth by Six Foot Stories was a demented retelling of Shakespeare's bloody and thrilling classic, three gnarly fortune tellers live apart from decent society, amongst the rats in an old junk yard. Eager to teach the selfish world of man a lesson, they prepare a fortune reading that will destroy a throne and everything around it...

This piece was performed by only three actors, all multi-rolling,  in an immersive set made entirely of recycled objects.


Director: Martin West                                                                                                                         Movement director: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                 Producer: Six Foot Stories


Nigel Munson, Jake Hassam, Will Bridges


 The Scar Test was supported by The Arcola Theatre, Mark Rylance and Zadie Smith and used different languages, physical theatre and verbatim interviews to explores a time you may know but a place that you may not inside the Yarlswood Denteton Centre for immigrants.

Following our first performances there was a free post-show discussion about the political situation behind the play with guest panellists.

Ticket proceeds were donated to the Yarslwood Befrienders charity.

Cast:                                                                                                                                                   Claire Chate, Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso, Charity Dooshima Or, Waleed Elgadi, John Gregor, Holly Kavanagh, Debbie Korley, Nadia Nadif, Eileen Nicholas, Arinder Sadhra.

Director:  Audrey Sheffield                                                                                                                 Writer:  Hannah Khalil                                                                                                     Producers:  Nadia Nadif and Cassie Raine                                                                                           Movement Director:  Kristoffer Huball                                                                                      Vocal Coach:  Fanos Xenofos                                                                                                            Stage Manager:  Maia Alvarez Stratford


Catalina.Spain. 1501. The Inquisition. Banned clothes, burned books, forced religious conversions or exile.Two immigrants leave for the English court. One is Katherine, Spanish princess and future Queen of England. The other, her Moorish servant Catalina, is privy to secrets that will change the future of England forever…

Four actors play Tudor characters you’ll recognise (and some that you won’t) using storytelling, physical theatre and humour to explore a time you may know but a world that you may not.

This piece was supported by Colchester Arts Centre and Ovalhouse. 

Director:  Daniel Goldman.                                                                                                               Writer:  Hassan Abdulrazzak.                                                                                                       Designer:  Emma Jesse.                                                                                             Producer:  Nadia Nadif.                                                                                                                     Movement Director:  Kristoffer Huball.                                                                                             Voice Coach:  Fanos Xenofos.                                                                                            Historian:  Lauren Johnson.                                                                                                      Stage Manager:  Maia Alvarez Stratford.

Cast:  Zainab Hasan, Nadia Nadif, Leon Stewart, Nicholas Waters.


Flying Roast Goose was a story about food, survival and hope, told through the eyes of a Cantonese chef and her pet goose and set in war-torn Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation in the 1940s.

Using physical theatre, puppetry and object manipulation, this original piece delved into a dark chapter of Hong Kong’s history with playfulness and kitchen utensils as part of the June 2014 season at the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell.

Writer- Paula Sui
Director- David Ralfe
Cast- Paula Sui, Jane Crawshaw, Kristoffer Hubball

Set and Puppet Designer/Maker- Oliver Smart
Costume Designer/Maker, Set Finisher- Nerea Villares
Assistant Puppet Maker- Amber Donovan
Assistant Set Finisher- Emilia Liberatore

Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind - Choreography for The British Museum on The Female Gaze

This piece of choreography supported the exhibited masterpieces from the last Ice Age, created between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago, and drawn from all across Europe in a groundbreaking show and presented alongside modern works by Henry Moore, Mondrian and Matisse, illustrating the fundamental human desire to communicate and make art as a way of understanding ourselves and our place in the world.

The Female Gaze looked specifically at the sculptures of the female form to explore the representations of women in both Ice Age and contemporary art. 

Choreography: Kristoffer Huball                                                                                                  Film: James Peachy


The Berkshire Giant was a collaboration between Galway based Macnas and the Newbury Corn Exchange Theatre. The project resulted in an array of performance as part of the Cultural Olympiad based on the 600 year old stone effigies that lie in Aldworth Church . It involved community casts, professional perfromers, a street show, a parade and an off site spectacle where we summoned the giant amidst fire and drumming.