SIXTH, suddenly we came across an impossible creature with feet for hands, and hands for feet. Ride on my back, he said. 

Newbury Lantern procession 2016

Organised by the Corn Exchange and funded by Greenham Common Trust and Arts Council England, the Lantern Procession now a regular part of the venue’s annual outdoor arts programme of events.

The lantern parade is a festive tradition within Newbury, and this was the 7th Festival of Light: Lantern Procession that gathered the community together to share in this stunning winter outdoor event. I was involved in delivering free lantern making workshops in schools and the surrounding areas for the event as well as supporting the Lantern Making for the Brave event where we help the public to make the more unusual sculptures, the large open workshops to the general public and the event itself.

'Brilliant, a very enjoyable evening'
'Beautiful! Thank you!'
'Making the lantern was excellent. Friendly staff and well organised'
'Beautiful, original, family-friendly'
'Really enjoyed making the lanterns. Impressed it was free!'
'Very atmospheric – we loved it!'
'Great fun and suitable for all ages.'


The People's Tower (Olivier Grosstete and 101)

The People's Tower was a collaboration with French artist Olivier Grossetête and his team to create a giant cardboard replica of Donnington Castle in Newbury's town centre on Sunday 29 May 2016. Assembled without cranes or machines, and with only human power and cardboard boxes galore, this incredible temporary castle was the focus of a dramatic and hugely enjoyable demolition the following day - accompanied by music from multi-award-winning progressive brass band Perhaps Contraption.

Olivier can only create these amazing structures with the help of the local communities that he works with. I was part of a team that engaged the local public in building this incredible structure in a series of fun workshops and helping with construction in Market Place on the Sunday for the dramatic rise and fall of the tower.

Newbury Carnival Batman project.