This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the National Association of Street Artists at the 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Centre. It was a superb event with some of the most exciting international performers in the UK present.

The keynote speakers were Heba El-Sheikh (Egypt) who is a creative producer promoting youth creativity and critical thinking by delivering art in the public space in Egypt. Together with her colleague she shared something of the challenges of presenting community orientated work there. (Supported by British Council Egypt). And Floriane Gaber (Belgium / Paris) a well-travelled European activist and commentator who will explore the political context of outdoor arts, from protests against the Vietnam war in the 1968 to the social implications of artists working on the streets of Belarus today. PLUS a provocation from long-established festival producer, Jeremy Shine.

Throughout the weekend there was a mixture of...

• Learning practical skills (e.g. fooling techniques, chorus song, electricity outdoors, fire torches, making monoprints...)                                                                                                         • Focussed discussions (e.g. new circus, indoor-outdoor crossover, conundrums...)                     • Fascinating presentations exploring working techniques (e.g. evolution of ideas, community commissioning, physical performance...)                                                                                          • New work (e.g. hot seating ideas, feedback on a piece, try-out performance...)                         • Eating and chatting with other participants - in an open and friendly atmosphere 

Thank you so much to all who came and got involved, it was fantastic!