Lecoq specific.

I have worked both in the UK and Europe facilitating workshops for a range of abilities, all taught in accordance to the Lecoq pedegogie. These have been at secondary schools, universities, conservatoire drama schools and also as CPD opportunities for professionals

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Le jeu

Play. The essential quality of being open and free between two actors.

In this workshop, performers explore the dynamic relationship between two performers, finding how playful and delicate this can be. We'll also ask whether performing can be a vehicle for discovering new facets of the human body on stage, and accepting what ever is proposed by your play partner. Presence, listening and invention are at the core of this workshop.

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This workshop is about finding the pleasure of playing even when we don’t know what we are doing. The Clown might feel stupid, ridiculous and completely inappropriate but has a huge sense of pleasure in playing. We learn that it’s OK to make mistakes, be bad and fail - the audience loves the Clown for sharing their unique inaptness. Vive le idiot!

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Based on Lecoq’s 20 movements, this workshop looks at the precision of movement through the principals of rhythm, fixed point, tempo, presence and attitude. This workshop is a 101 in movement with purpose.

I was very impressed with Kris and wanted to offer my praise. He was amazing with the children. They were all eating out of the palm of his hand. I cannot stress how impressed we all were with him. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with him and were desperate for more.
— Vicky Dowey - Aberdour School
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