'Paradise Heights is a gold-plated gated community of pleasure and leisure facilities and a playground to the rich and famous of Boomtown. This “5 star facility, for 5 star people” offers those worthy of entrance an experience like no other in a world free of toil and strife, a dreamland where anything is possible, promising you the best of everything money can buy!'

I'm really interested in meeting performers who might be interested in joining me at Boom Town this year, supporting the central narrative of the festival through performing in the balconies around Paradise Heights. Experience of burlesque, clown and bouffon is desired, as is the ability to perform at great height.

Once I've collected a solid team together I'll be organising play days in London, Bristol and in Cardiff so that we can work together as a team to develop the content. Performance times will be 3 x 3hr slots, you will receive a small fee, crew camping with hot showers and one meal a day.

If you're interested drop me a message on 

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